t-pc177 Set of 10 confectionary card showing flags and women of Latin America.

Price: $200.00

t-pc180 Complete set of 6 French Liebig cards on Pre-Columbian Architecture, produced in 1934. Advertising on reverse. Covers Mexico and Peru. N

Price: $120.00

t-pc179 A collection of early 20th century American tobacco cards produced by Helmar Turkish Cigarettes entitled Coats of Arms. This set of 16 cards encompasses Latin America and the Caribbean. N

Price: $320.00

t-pc178 A collection of 19th stock certificates of South American companies. Included are Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia. 16 certificates in all, some unused with full coupons. Decorative and good for research.

Price: $400.00

t-pc176 Complete album of all 125 Catholic Saints and Virgins. Issued by Panini. Also included is a complete 24 set of cards, mounted onto a poster, of the manifestation of the Virgin in Latin American countries. N

Price for both: $450.00

t-pc176b t-pc176c t-pc176d
t-pc175 Collection of 13 Spanish chromos, mid-20th century on Flags of Latin America. N

Price: $320.00

t-pc174 t-pc174a t-pc174b

Collection of 20 Spanish chromos, early 20th century, on Flags and Money of Latin America and the Caribbean. Nice advertising and maps on reverse. N

Price: $600.00



Collection of 11 Spanish chromos on Flags and Celebrated Men of Latin America. All described on back. Done in the late 1940’s. Personalities include Maceo, Obando, del Redondo, Carillo, Flores, da Fonseca, Sucre, Solano, Guardiola, Riesgo, Dias and Tagle. N

Price: $330.00



Spanish chromo album Hechos Famosos de la Historia de Espana. 283/284 chromos present.

Price: $400.00



Spanish chromo album Historia de Espana. All 220 chromos present.

Price: $400.00