Western Americana




Complete 1904 issue showing the Chicago theatre fire. T

Price: $40.00



Vintage photo album, Fresno, University of California Berkeley, 1910s

Price: $450.00

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Five back covers of Rice Crispie cereal boxes in the 1950’s with famous cowboy and indian themes. Black Hawk, General John Stark, Little Turtle, Davy Crockett, Red Cloud. Size 16.5x23.5cm. T

Price: $500.00

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Photo album with over 80 photos from California in 1915. There are several photos related to the North Dakota display at the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco Worlds Fair of 1915. Most pictures are large format. 6 x 10 and 7 x12 approx. Other sizes. Some of the photos are faded. One pic has some pretty girls as beauty queens? from Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota. Also pics of Alcatraz Island, battle ships and what looks like a submarine. Photo of the 32nd Company USMC. Some pics of Indians. A sail boat called Pilgrim from the San Fransisco Yacht Club. Also a picture of a man imitating Abe Lincoln.t-wa064b

Price: $550.00


Spanish chromo album El Oeste by Panini. All 200 chromos are present, along with the unopened Fort Apache assembly (this is different than the other West album by Panini L'Oest)

Price: $350.00

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Near complete set of 23/25 British trade cards titled Prarie Pioneers by Colinville. Produced in 1959, all the famous as well as some obscure people are shown. Nice artwork with description on reverse. An almost impossible set to complete.

Price: $650.00

Italian chromo album Le Battaglie dei Pellirosse. Published by Attualita in Milan. It contains 292 chromos and is complete. It chronicles the story of native America and the American West. Rare.

Price: $850.00

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Spanish chromo album SITTING BULL by Catalan company Casulleras. Produced in 1956, 71/72 chromos present. A very rare card set and the album to put the cards in is extremely scarce.

Price: $850.00

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Complete set of 10 stamp albums titled OUR AMERICA by the Coca Cola Bottling Company. They were distributed, along with a teacher’s manual, to public schools throughout the USA from 1942-1949. Each album contained spaces for 20 picture cards, which were pasted along the top edge to allow students to lift the card and read the description underneath. The albums were intended to promote the development of key industries and their byproducts affecting Americans. The artwork is excellent, full of detail and its colors are vibrant. The history of the albums began in 1942 when a teacher and author, Frederick Houk Law, composed four visual instruction booklets (later the teacher’s manuals) on the subjects of cotton, oil, steel and electricity. Coca Cola became interested and hired famous artist W.C. Wyneth (1882-1945) of Massachusetts to illustrate several striking posters and drawings to create Our America school booklets. Six other picture card sets followed. The albums came in two sizes: 20x28cm and 18x26cm. The complete run of 10 albums offered here are complete with 20 picture cards each. An interesting piece of American popular culture spanning WW2 and the early post-war years on America’s developing economy and affluence.

Price: $800.00

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Early 20th century German childrens game of Cowboys and Indians. Complete in every sense and in very good condition. Rare.

Price: $450.00