French Equatorial Africa



Two 19th century prints on French Equatorial Africa. Shown are Abdel Gasam, a Fellatah from Timboctoo and also Kanemboo and Munga, a spearman and bowman in the service of the Sheikh of Bornou. T

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Three 19th century engravings of French Equatorial Africa. Size 25x36cm. T

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fa094fa094aPhoto album and personal papers belonging to a French soldier named Aime Anezin. He served in both French Equatorial Africa during the Vichy regime and after the war in Indochina. The album begins on April 10, 1942, with Anezin leaving Marseille and passing Oran and Casablanca before reaching Dakar on the 28th. Rare photo of the Richelieu, which had withstood an attack by the British almost 2 years earlier while in the port of Dakar. Nice photos of life in Dakar, the Richelieu, embarking at Tabou, visiting Port Bouet in Cote d’Ivor and Lome in Togo. Local women boarding the “Jamaica” en route for Cotonou, Dahomey. Staying in Sare, Kandy and Malmanville in Dahomey before reaching Gay in Niger. Nice photos of Niamey, Niger. fa094bfa094cCelebrations in Niamey on July 11 following the ending of Vichy control of French West Africa. Anezin remains in Niamey through 1943 and takes numerous photos of life there. In 1946 he is transferred to Saigon. Photos of noteable local dignitaries and French military. Photos of Cap Saint Jacques, Haiphong, Hanoi. In 1948 he is in Nghia-Lo and then in Dien Bien Phu, 6 years before it became a fortified outpost. Interesting large photo of Thai partisans, a casement, Meoy partisans, local life, vetinerian visiting village, military post at Nghialo, military cemetery at Sonla, military post at Phong Lho, local dance and mandarin of Phong Lho, “white” Thais, and much more. Over 220 phots and several documents on Anezins military record. Well captioned with solid photographs.

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Set of 5 caricature postcards produced in 1904, mocking what Africa would be like if the locals were to run things.

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Set of 9 caricature postcards titled L’Afrique, by Ch. Boirau.

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fa090 Graphic advert for the Societe Continentale du Cosmydor Paris. Size 8x18cm

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fa077 Complete set of 6 French confectionary cards by Chocolate D’Aiguebelle entitled Mission Marchand. Descriptions on back. NN

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t-pto302 1990 French press photo of Roger Milla playing soccer in Italy. Described on back. N

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t-pto301 Collection of 9 French press photos of Cameroun President Ahmadou Ahidjo in 1976. Most described on back. T

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fa066 Collection of 19 French press photos of David Dacko (President of CAR from 1960-1966 and 1979-1981) and Ange Patasse (President of CAR from 1993-2003). Described on back. N

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