Photos and Postcards


Postcard of the Japanese delegation visiting Constantinople in 1906. Posted from Cairo. T

Price: $30.00


WW2 postcard of the president of the Japanese Red Cross, Prince Kan’in and his wife. N

Price: $30.00


Red Cross postcards showing the Imperial Princess making bandages. Postally used, with manuscript text on reverse. 1919. N

Price: $25.00


1906 postcard of the Riogoku Family of Japanese Artists. N

Price: $40.00


1905 postcard of the Japanese and foreign ladies of the Volunteer Nurses Association making bandages. N

Price: $25.00


Photo album of a missionary couple in Japan, 1932-1933. There are 23 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" black and white or sepia photographs in an accordion style album with a leaf/flower fabric cover. Well captioned. N

Price: $290.00

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Postcard published by the Ministry of the Army on the dangers of Epicurianism. Creased and stained. N

Price: $40.00


Complete set of 8 propaganda postcards “The Customs of the Bright Manchuria and China”. One postcard has a tear. N

Price: $240.00


Japanese Red Cross Mission departing for France, early 20th century. N

Price: $30.00


World War 2 Japan National Defense Women’s Association, Home Front. N SOLD

Price: $30.00