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Homogeneous collection of 146 photographs taken by a Japanese mother in Osaka before, during and immediately after World War 2. She must have been a pacifist because none of the photos show or indicate a military presence of any kind, which is rare for photo collections of this period. The focus is on schools and daily life of the people, with images of local shops, an open-air circus, a man making a telephone call, swimming instructions at the beach, the zoo and more. Also two photos of plans for a new school designed by T. Yoshida. Only a few photos have captions on reverse.

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Set of 5 pro-Japanese humor postcards about the Russo-Japanese War. N

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1930's Japanese Postcards "Sino Japanese War, Japan Red Cross Aid Unit Activities Scenes"

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t-jpc303t-jpc303aPhoto album compiled by a French visitor to the Lacroix family in Tokyo. Judging from the photos Mr. Lacroix is a high ranking businessman. Most of the photos are well captioned. Interesting scenes of geishas at a horse race, embassy alley, local servants to the Lacroix family, the European quarter with identified shops, the Russian legation, Charlotte in Japanese dress, views of Yokahama, an outing on Lake Shogi. 68 photos in all with none missing. The author used a very good camera and three wide angle photos are included. A wonderful insight into late 19th century Tokyo and Yokahama with crisp images. N

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Japanese accordion-style photo album belonging to F.R.Wirtz, from the 1930’s. I believe he was a missionary, based on the photos. Photos of life in Japan, Western children, European dormitory, geishas, rickshaw drivers, many village scenes, temples, military scenes. 51 photos, no captions, no photos missing.

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Missionary photo showing the installation of a new missionary with the UK Consul, Chinese Navy minister, Japanese Consul and various mandarins and missionaries, 1931, Size 21x27cm.

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Japanese accordion style photo album, 1930’s, almost all civilian, some photos with captions. 70 photos in all. Complete with no photos missing. N

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Official photo album of the Rome-Tokyo flight of 1920 by Tenente A. Ferrarin. This album covers the stopover in Shanghai and is loaded with numerous news articles and letters regarding the flight but more so the attempt by Italian G. A. Bena to hold an international exhibition in Shanghai. Interesting views expressed concerning the need to increase Western understanding of the East, and the reationale for a fair in Shanghai. 9 photos, 3 letters (2 by Bena and 1 by G.C. Howard, US Trade Commissioner), 2 news articles and a membership card in the Reale Unione Nationale Aeronautica of Italian pilot Michelangelo Verrelli, who may have owned the album. Rare.

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t-jpc180t-jpc180aCollection of 17 photos of a Japanese Wargraves’ Commission on the island of Okinawa in 1946. The island can be recognized by the huts, vegetation and local dress. Representatives are both military and civilian. The army representatives have no stars on their caps or any insignia indicating rank. What is interesting is the defiance shown by the naval officer to the prohibition of carrying swords in post-war Japan. He wears his normal saber. The group is tracking down graves in the forest and later there is a religious ceremony with the burning of the remains, which are then transported back to Japan. Photos range in size from 10.5x15cm to 25x30cm.

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This is a picture album of the Sea of Japan Army Flight School student training during the Second World War. 81 photos, mostly military. The name of the owner and belonging are written in the interior. Students name is Mr. Nagano, 13th period ko-type, Flight school trainee, Number 15379 of Sasebo flight. He was training to be an aircraft carrier pilot. Binding seperated. Decorative cover. N

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