Diary of a Spanish soldier in Morocco. Begins in 1923, fighting in Africa. He returns to Spain as a policeman in Huelva. He joins the Civil War in Areche was captured and almost killed. He was released near the town of Redondo by the Reds. He remained there after the war and in 1950 was a post commander. He became a captain of the Civil Guard in Pilas (Sevilla). The diary is in poor condition with some ink run areas,  SOLD

Price: $600.00

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6 chromo cards on the war in Morocco. Pulbished in Valencia by Garcia Castello Grao. Rare.

Price: $180.00



Two 1907 complete issues of Spanish periodical !Cu-cut! Featuring Morocco. T

Price: $150.00


Two 18th century prints of Morocco. One shows the manner of female travel and the other shows Muley Abdallah ordering the massacre of 335 of his own subjects in the presence of English slaves who were the crew of the Privateer Inspector. Small repair job. T

Price: $100.00



Rare two set collection of Spanish chromos titled Acontecimientos de Melilla/Guerra del Riff. The first set of 24 is complete, the second set contains 18/24 chromos. A very rare set.

Price: $1300.00



Seven issue of Espana en Marruecos. 20 pages each. Size: 17 x 26cm.

Price: $650.00

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A collection of 4 humor postcards of Melilla by Spanish illustrator Ibanez. Rare.

Price: $200.00

A collection of 25 photograpic postcards of the Spanish wars in Morocco, 1911-1928.

Price: $800.00

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Rare photo album of a Spanish soldier in the Riff War in the 1920’s. Shown are military camp at Mura Tahar, reconnaissance party, river crossing, armored car, with locals, etc. These are good quality images. 68 photos in all, no captions.

Price: $1200.00

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A collection of 13 humor postcards of Melilla by various Spanish illustrators.

Price: $390.00



A collection of 12 postcards on Moroccan Types at Tetuan done in 1943. Artwork by Erwin Hubert. N

Price: $400.00



A collection of 11 humor postcards of Melilla by Spanish illustrator Farrafco. Rare.

Price: $440.00