Rare set of 7 Dutch humor postcards for troops in Indonesia during the Christmas season. This would have been 1946-1948 as the Dutch pulled out of Indonesia before the end of 1949. N

Price: $380.00



Spanish comic book Hazanas Belicas, produced in 1958. There was a series of issues on the Japanese fighting in World War 2. This issue titled Tus Manos No Mataran (which is in Indonesia).

Price: $40.00



Rare poster from the German Propaganda Ministry in May 1942 showing England and America as a hangmans noose. Caption reads: “What follows after the Netherlands Indies”. Size 29x46cm. N

Price: $800.00

t-sea099 Collection of 10 original vintage photos of missionary work in South East Asia. All captioned on reverse. From the archive of Giorgio Torchia

Price: $300.00


Italia Inghilterra Etiopia. Virginio Gayda. 1936.

Price: $90.00

t-sea094 Onze Zendingsvelen. Langs Verre Kust. The third of a series of three books put out by the Protestant church on Indonesia. Mostly of local native life throughout the country. Good photo images as well as nice illustrated artwork. Images are pasted down along top of images only. No date but pre-World War 2.

Price: $380.00

t-sea094b t-sea094c t-sea094d t-sea094e
t-sea093 Onze Zendingsvelden, Java. Illustrated by Van Alb. J. De Neef, text by Van O. Luinenburg. Second book in a series by out by the Protestant church in Indonesia. Good photo images of colonial and local life, missionary activities, Islam. Also nice illustrated artwork. Images are pasted down along top of images only. Spine reinforced. No date but pre-World War 2.

Price: $380.00

t-sea093b t-sea093c t-sea093d t-sea093e

Siam, c1950Siam, c1950


A complete collection of 6 Brazillian trade cards by Perfumaria Myrta on Indonesia, c1950. N

Price: $120.00

t-sea082 Complete set of 9 cards by French company Chocolat Pupier, done in 1936, on the Netherlands Indies. Shows mainly Java and Sumatra. Described on back. N

Price: $180.00

sea067 Group of 9 French press photos from 1977-1978. The focus is on Suharto’s policy of moving the population from Java to Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Java, in order to reduce the problem of overpopulation. Crowds waiting to see Suharto as he inaugurates a new mosque and visits a Moslem technical school. N

Price: $320.00

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