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Photo album belonging to Charles and Sophie Chamerlain. It covers their trip to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in November – December 1947. String tied limp leather photo album, oblong measuring 11 ¼” x 15”. 56 pages containing 91 black and white photos and two postcards; photos mounted on right hand pages only, some travel ephemera included as well. Photos measure 3 ½” x 5 7/8”. Album is in very good condition with light wear that is more pronounced at edges; photos generally near fine or better with crisp images; stubs of a few lost pages visible, final two leaves containing travel ephemera detached.t-cep164bt-cep164c

An interesting travel album documenting an elderly couple’s trip to South America on the S.S. Del Sud. Every photo is captioned, and with an artistic eye the Chamberlains captured their experience as they travelled to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In addition to showing some of their time at sea, the album depicts their numerous stops along the way including: Rio De Janeiro, Botofoga Bay, Rio Branco Street, Santos, Guaruja, Mt. Serrat, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Ave Corrientes, Diagonal Norte, El Tigre, Lujan River, La Plata, Florida Ave and more.t-cep164d The numerous compelling street scenes truly bring this album to life. In addition to the photos, the album contains the Chamberlains’ travel tickets and other ephemera related to their stay on the Del Sud. A special glimpse of some of the great cities and sites of South America as they appeared nearly 70 years ago.

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Childrens game commemorating the 1928 flight of the "Jesus del Gran Poder" in 1928, crossing the Atlantic and reaching a number of Sourth American cities. Missing the ball, otherwise complete. Size: 18 x 26 cm. Very rare

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Spanish cardboard advertisement for Tapioca del Brasil. Size: 19 x 27 cm.

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Spanish missionary comic book Los Martires del Rio De La Plata, published in 1962. SOLD

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1929 issue of L’Avventura. Titled Il Cacciatore di Penne. It takes place in Brazil and cover shows a white and black man fending off Amazonian Indians. Cover worn.

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French sheet music titled La Bresilienne, by Ed. Thuillier, late 19the century.

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t-cep141t-cep141aUnited States Navy photo album from a sailor aboard battleship and Pearl Harbor veteran USS Maryland BB-46. The images cover a cruise to Chile and Peru taken in 1928-1929 with President-elect Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou Henry Hoover. The album contains 183 photographs and 60 pages. Images include a Neptunus Rex crossing the line ceremony with photos of the Royal Court, Royal Navigators, Davy Jones, and others. Scenes from ports of call include Callao, Peru and Valparaiso, Chile. Mrs. Hoover is pictured with a local animal. Parties from the German fleet, Peruvian Navy, and Peruvian President are shown making official visits. The ship transits the Panama Canal as part of Fleet Problem IX in January 1929 simulating an attack on the canal.

Several photos show the 1928 Decoration Day/Memorial Day service aboard ship, including what must be American Civil War veterans. Other images show American S-boat submarines and other ships of the fleet. There are numerous images of the sailor's friends aboard ship, clowning around, performing duties, and boxing. Other photos include the 1929 Round-the World Flight of German airship Graf Zeppelin mooring in San Pedro, CA and the 1923 disastrous wreck of numerous American destroyers at Honda Point. Numerous parade, field exercise, and city images from Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA.

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t-cep139 Group of Negroes Sao Paulo.

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t-cep137 A set of 5 French chocolate cards by Guerin-Boutron about a sailor on a hunting expedition, being helped by the local natives. Advertising on reverse. Early 20th century. T

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t-cep136t-cep136aComplete collection of 10 large format photographs on postcard stock of the Guyane Expedition – Tumuc – Humac by photographer Dominic Darbois (1925-2014). Taken during the scientific expedition by Francis Maziere in 1952. Shows topography and Types in both Brazil and French Guyana. N

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