Spanish Civil War /History



Fascist poster commemorating fallen martyrs. Size 62 X 44.5 cm.

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September 1934 French press photo of Francoists paying homage to the fallen from the Battle of the Marne. T

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Prayer card for the 26 martyred catholic priests executed Spain from July 22 to October 23, 1936. Produced in 1989 to commemorate the beatification of one of them (Niceforo Diez Tejerina). T

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Collection of 4 complete issues of La Domenica dell Corriere from 1936 showing propaganda on the war in Spain. T

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Auca published in 1937 in Catalunya. It reads: "Auca moguda i ben vista de la vida de Joan Coba prototipus d'arribista". This troubled and well seen auca of Joan Coba's life, prototype of arriviste (social climber). Here, "troubled and well seen" sounds quite weird even for me, I think it's just some empty words used for lyrical and rhyme reasons. The auca speaks about Joan Coba (random name, as far as I know), characterized as a greedy and opportunistic person, trying always to climb in society, avoiding effort, changing his ideas and surfaces depending on individual interest. The auca ends up telling how after the revolution started (square 35) he tries to adopt a revolutionary look and superficial revolutionary behavior but really trying to escape abroad. Finally he gets caught and judged and justice prevails. N SOLD

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Auca published in 1937 in Catalunya. It reads: "Como el fascio se derrumba frente al valor espanol, o de la cuna a la tumba". This auca speaks about the fascist italian dictator Benito Mussolini, about how he came to power in Italy, what he did next in Africa and how later he cooperated with Hitler and Franco to fight the loyal republican government in the Spanish Civil War. As it's still 1937 (early period of civil war) the auca ends by encouraging people to fight together against the italian invasion, imagining a close future where all the european countries thank the spanish people for defeating fascism, something that later didn't happened. The titles and the text are always very popular vocabulary mixed with old expressions, basic rhymes and some play on words that are hard to translate. N SOLD

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t-scw400Auca published in 1937 in Catalunya. It reads: "De com en Gep i la Rossa van prendre tranquil·lament cafè i copa a Saragossa" How Gep and Rossa drank a cup of coffee in Zaragoza). This auca tells the story of Gep and Rossa, two young workers in love from Catalunya, helping to fight the fascist rebels in the first days of the civil war in Barcelona and then they continue and travel to fight them in Aragón. But then, Gep needs to have a cup of coffee to keep fighting, so he and Rossa decide to enter Zaragoza, a town dominated by fascist-nazi-franco troops, to drink that cup of coffee. So they dress up like moroccans and go to town. When they're having coffee they find themselves in a banquet/feast for military and religious bosses. Gep feels like doing something against then and they end up by changing the cakes for some kind of rubbish so when all the fascists realize what they're eating a big mess happens while Gep and Rossa escape. Size 35x52cm. Good condition. N SOLD

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65 Letters of Republican prisoners from the military prison of Montjuic, during the Civil War. This was an infamous prison and during the Franco regime more than 4,000 Republicans and Catalan nationalists were executed in the castle prison, the best known was the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Lluís Companys, 15 October 1940. All of the letters are written from one person to his girlfriend. 36 are written from the Castle of Montjuic, and begin on August 20, 1939 and end on August 1, 1940. In August 1940 the prisoner is granted provisional release, where he continues to write from Barcelona a total of 29 letters, until March 2, 1941. NS

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Original Auca, against capitalism and defending all state governments, socialists and republicans. Condition good with folds. Size 51 x 39cm. NS

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Original Auca, anti Alphonso XIII. Good condition with folds. Size is 53 x 34 cm. NS

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Note: An auca is a graphic format popular in Spain and especially in the region of Catalonia around Barcelona. The genre dates at least to the 17th century but was banned during the 18th century before experiencing a renewal during the 19th and later the 20th centuries as a uniquely Catalonian form of expression. It takes the form of a cartoon or a comic strip, typically with 48 blocks of image and text, although some may have less. An auca is generally produced as a single sheet, but occasionally a booklet form is used. The captions tend to have some sort of consistent rhyme to assist with the flow and storytelling. Many times the term “auca” appears in the title, but another term, “aleluya,” is used, apparently interchangeably. Some sources indicate that the aleluya originated in Castile and originally included religious elements that were shed over time. Auca was a very popular form of anti-Nationalist propaganda during the Civil War.