Chinese Diaspora



Collection of 9 postcards on Chinese/Hong Kong pavilions in international exhibitions in France and the UK.

Price: $180.00

thumb ead009 Complete May 1998 issue of Italian comic book TEX. This issue entlitled OPPIO and takes place among the Chinese in California.

Price: $90.00

East Asia Diaspora


Mosaik, issue 195. Der Pfandleiher von China-Town. A German comic set in Chinatown

Price: $70.00

East Asia Diaspora


Mosaik, issue 194. Ankunf in Frisco. A German comic set in Chinatown

Price: $70.00

Rin-Tin-Tin, Chinese whipping native Americans


Rin-Tin-Tin, Los Pirates. Cover seperated and poor condition. Shows Chinese whipping native Americans

Price: $50.00

Tex, San Francisco, 1973


Italian comic, Tex, San Francisco, 1973

Price: $70.00

Tex, Chinatown, 2004


Italian comic, Tex, Chinatown, 2004

Price: $50.00

Chinese in San Francisco


 Italian comic, Tex, Il Laccio Nero…..Chinese in San Francisco. 1975

Price: $70.00

Chinese Diaspora in California/ Michigan

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Chinese Vegetable peddler.

Copyright 1901 by Detroit Photographic Co.

A Group of Chinese Children in one of the City Park.

Publihes by Edward H. Mitchell.

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Chinese Girls.

Chinese Boy and Girl.

Chinese slave nurse girl and Chinese baby.

Chinese Twins.