Canada and Arctic



Illustration from Le Monde Illustre showing the leading figures of the 1885 Riel Rebellion. T

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Canadian Explorer Map No.1. This was placed inside of Nabisco Cereals for kids to collect in the early 1960’s. Size 27x34cm. T

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Unique collection of full page inserts into the Toronto Star weekly comics section on little known facts of Canadian history. This was done during the lead up to Canada's Centennial in 1967. This is a near complete set, beginning in 1965 and running through to mid-1967. The collection begins with the martyrdom of Fathers Brebeuf and Lalemant and the death of Adam Dollard and ends with the appointment of Lord Elgin as Governor General. There is much on relations with the United States over those 200 years, both east and west. The fascinating thing for me when I was cutting these pages out of the comics section, beyond the cool graphics and information, were the CENTENNIAL NOTES at the bottom of each page. The editor invited people to share their Centennial projects with the Star and they were published. t-caa015a1Back then communities and organizations across Canada were encouraged to engage in Centennial projects to celebrate the anniversary. While the larger projects are well known (Military Tatoo, Expo 67, Voyageur Canoe Pageant, etc), here is a record of the small projects undertaken by individual Canadians both at home and abroad. Any Canadian that remembers 1967 will feel that the recent celebrations in 2017 were far more subdued. This collection captures a glimpse of the long forgotten excitement that led up to Canada's Centennial. Each page measure 30x22.5cm, but a couple pages are missing CENTENNIAL NOTES. There are 58 pieces in total. To this day I have never found a single one on ebay or in any library. A labor of love and a fascinating glimpse into Canadas Centennial celebrations before the advent of the internet or smart phones. T

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t-wa027 Complete set of 80 cards by Post Cereal entitled History of Canada. This is a composite puzzle set. They would be pasted to a map but the map is impossible to find. Described on reverse with some little known fascinating facts.

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Complete set of 36 trade cards by Challenge of the Yukon, titled Sergeant Preston, 1950. T

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Complete Spanish chromo album El Rey de la Policia Montada. This is the companion chromo album to the first El Rey de la Policia Montada. All 210 chromos are present. Very good condition. T

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Complete set of Polar Exploration. Series 2, by John Player. Dated 1915, there are 25 cards, each with descriptions and advertising on the back. T

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Collection of 28 European confectionary cards on Canada, early to mid-twentieth century. N

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Italian Liebig card set on the history of Canada. 1929. N

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Spanish chromo album El Rey de la Policia Montada. Complete with all chromos present

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