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t-hol017 Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale Del Regno D’Italia, November 19, 1938. This session of parliament records the law passed on the ‘Defense of the Race’. Provisions are passed regulating weddings and possessions of the jewish race. There are 29 articles in all. N

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1945 Dutch booklet entitled Het Laaste Geschrift van Prof. Dr. Titus Brandsma. It is the last scripture written by Dr. Brandsma on order of the Gestapo before being put to death in 1942.  He was a Carmelite priest who worked against the Nazis in Holland.  He was put to death by lethal injection in Dachau. N

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Early post-war book entitled Nederland Indenoorlog Zooals Het Werkelijk Was, which translates as 'Netherlands War as it Really Was'.  Many documents are shown and covers jewish persecution inside and outside Holland, propaganda German magazines, etc. N

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 Ghetto Ghijntjes. By A. M. Reens. Volume 1 and 2. Small cover seperation at top. Rare. N

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Vaderland en Volk. Het Anti-Semitisme een Geestelikje Kanker. De N.S.B. een Gevaar voor Nederland. By G. A. Boon. 1939

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Een Album met Zeldzame Foto's Uit Dachau - Buchenwald - Flossenburg en Andere Duitsche Concentratiekampen. This is a dutch photo magazine, done shortly after the war, on German concentration camps. Spine repair

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A collection of three arm bands that Jews were forced to wear in World War 2. One shows only a Star of David. Another is marked Eilbote (Courier) and the third Altestenrat. Der Judischen Ghetto-Gemeinde (Elders. The Jewish Ghetto Community). N

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t-pto160 Original photo collection from July to September showing American and British soldiers, a downed German plane, a derailed German train, all with descriptions and dates in French on the back. There are also a number of original photos of the holocaust but with no descriptions on the back. 10 photos.

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An extremely rare Italian anti-American poster during World War 2. The caption at top reads Roosevelt’s Prayer, and shows the President on his knees praying. The story line at bottom reads: unbelievable but true! prayer written by Roosevelt and transmitted by him to all the radio stations 'allies' on June 7, 1944.

The prayers read as follows: Lord help us overcome all obstacles in order to achieve the coveted prize honesty. It shows an American GI with a huge bag of gold.  The next prayer reads we do not fight for the purpose of robbery, but we struggle to liberate the oppressed peoples.  The caption shows an American GI stealing Italian treasure with a jewish businessman pointing toward a boat bound for America. A third prayer reads we pray for the sanctity of our combat troops out of breath until we win.  It shows an American negro blowing on a saxaphone and an American GI molesting an Italian woman.  Another prayer reads Grant, O God, that we will prevail over evil forces of our enemy so we're removed from the world of the apostles of greed and racial arrogance.  The picture shows an American GI with his legs wrapped around the world and the American flag planted on Italy.  A fifth prayer reads We are fighting a holy crusade to liberate the oppressed peoples and that justice triumphs.  The caption shows an American GI gagging an Italian with ‘prisoners on the sea’, ‘slave economy’ and a gag reading ‘opinion’ on his body, along with the names of other countries enslaved by the Allies.  The prayers end with and so thy will is done. ANY propaganda material from the Italian Social Republic period is scarce but this is very scarce, printed just 3 days after Rome fell to the Allies.  The poster measures 100x70 cm.  Some small edge tears.

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La Difesa Della Razza, or The Defense of the Race, was a bi-weekly magazine run by Telesio Hinton, ran from 5 August 1938 to 20 June 1943. It was the main medium through which Italian fascist racial policies were communicated to the public.

The magazine appears on the scene with powerful financial and political support, accompanied by a relentless campaign.  In particular, Education Minister Bottai delivered a ministerial circular dated 6 August 1938  to all university presidents and directors of schools in Italy, calling for all educational  institutions to actively contribute to the diffusion of the journal and to assimilate its contents into school curriculum.  The magazine incessantly repeated its stereotypes of racism, cloaked in attempted scientific authority.

In the climate of fascist Italy La Difesa Della Razza was the first major magazine of the anti-racial revival and was soon joined by other publications. Each of them specialized on a particular aspect of racist propaganda to reach the same conclusions.  If La Difesa Della Razza could not convince most of the Italians of the validity of its extremist view, the fact remains that it helped create (or strengthen) a climate of deep distrust and dislike for Jews, Africans, gypsies, mestizos, the mentally ill, and all those who were presented as a threat to the supposed purity of the Italian race), without which the regime could not act without hindrance. A very very rare magazine, I have issues 1-6 of the first year and issues 1-13 of the second year.  19 issues in total, complete

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