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Set of 6 French chocolate d’aiguebelle cards on the Russo Japanese War.

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A nice collection of letters written by a Quaker missionary in Japan and sent to a friend in the United States! Includes three letters, two envelopes and a couple of souvenir photographs of Japan! Letters give a unique perspective of Japan in 1940. SOLD

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1945 A.C. Gilbert game of an Atomic Bomb dropping on Japan and there are holes at the two drop sites. Measure 3.5" x 4.5" and in fair condition but the paper covering is falling off. N

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Italian sheet music Pallida Mimosa, 1921. T

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Japan Missionary Photo Album 1929-30's, Kyoto, St. Agnes. Photo album of black and white images taken by Upstate NY Missionary to St. Agnes Church School, Kyoto, Japan circa 1929 -1930's. The album is about 9"x12", and contains 47 photos glued to pages, and another 12 loose in an envelope. In addition there are two loose leaf sheets, with 2 additional photos, from another work of the same missionary that created the album. The photos are in very good condition. Not every page in the album is full, there are many blanks. I understand that St. Agnes Church remains to this day as it did when the images were taken. The name of the missionary is included in the loose leaf page along with some newspaper clippings. N SOLD

Price: $390.00

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BOMB JAPAN OFF THE MAP Original 1940s WW2 Target Game Board.Very good condition with light wear. Heavy 16" cardboard target features litho map of Japan with various illustrated targets. Faithorn Co. 1940s. Rare. N

Price: $390.00


Kochi Tribune newspaper, America prepares to occupy Japan.Original U. S. Military newspaper entitled "Kochi Tribune"....published by the 25th Repl. Depot, Okinawa, August 23, 1945..I believe this one came from the U. S. S. Denver outside of Japan, although this particular issue doesn't identify the ship...front page headline "INVASION MIGHT READY"....just a week after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this issue profiles the activities as the U. S. army prepared to occupy Japan....has some tears on seams and edges, moderate additional general wear, but this original paper wasn't intended at the time to be preserved as a collectible publication! N

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Two 1904 complete issues of Spanish periodical !Cu-cut! Covers deal with the Russo-Japanese War. T

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March 16, 1895 issue of Le Rire showing Japan removing China’s garments.T

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Near complete set of 13/14 Spanish chromo cards on the Russo-Japanese War. Unidentified source and not listed in any catalogue. Rare. NT

Price: $390.00