Middle East



Near complete set of maps. T

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Early 20th century map showing the distribution of Alawis and Bektasi in Turkey. Besim Atalay. Size 50x70cm. T

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Ottoman Script map of Africa. T

Size 63 x 84 cm

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Teceddud Haritalari. Simali Amerika. Scale: 1:20000000. Yeni Dunay Natbaaji. 1923. Size 50 x 83 cm.

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Asya. 1923. Linen backed. Size 56 x 77 cm.

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Tarih-i Umumi-i Osmanli Atlasi. 1908. 32 pages containing 138 maps. Mostly of the Ottoman Empire. Size: 16 x 26 cm. Binding is splitting (normal) but is complete in every sense. Rare.

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Map of war operations along east coast of Turkey. Harb Akadeninde: Bahriye Konferonslari. 1927. Size 83 x 110 cm.

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Map of war operations along east coast of Turkey. Harb Akademisinde: Bahriye Konferonslari. 1927. Size 56 x 82 cm.

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Darul Harb Haritasi. Osmanli-Rus Hududiyes (Ottoman Russian border). Istanbul Bogazi. Umumi Saha Harb Haritasi (General war map). Canakkale Bogazi. Sattul Arab – (Basra Bay Korfezi). Nil Vadisi ve Torsinasba? Ceziresi. Muallim Ahmed Suad Efendi’nin Muavenitizle. Produced in Vienna. Reparired on reverse. Size: 51 x72.

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Old Idil-Ural Cumhuriyet (Republic). Size 49 x 65 cm. Not dated but roughly 1925 based on map of Europe below. Repaired on reverse. Rare.

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Yunanistan Haritasi, produced in 1898. Size 118x138cm. Linen backed.

Price: $1200.00

mp294mp294aTitle: AKSA-I ŞARK DARULHAN KAT-İ HARİTASI. Translated "Battle of the Eastern Gate". It shows the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. T

Publisher: İbrahim Hilmi Kitabhanesi Date: 1904

Size: 65x80cm

Condition: good

Price: $800.00