Middle East


Two fold out colonial postcard map of Libya showing the provinces of Tripolitania and Cirenaica, and also four other colonial map postcards of Libya and Algeria. T

Price: $180.00



Anatolian map of mining. Size: 80 x 120cm. Scale: 1/500.000. T

Oil, lignite, iron, zinc, lead, gold, coal, chromium, copper, sulfur, rock salt etc. in Turkey. Geological map indicating the surface shapes formed by various geographical conditions with colors by ore deposits. Not dated but printed during the Ottoman Empire. T

Price: $300.00




Map of Istanbul done during the period of the second constitution. Size: 80 x 120cm. T

Prepared in 1908 by the library and printing house in the street of Bab-I Ali. A special map issued due to the declaration of Constitution. T

Price: $3000.00



Map, Republic of Turkey, Atatürk. Size: 100 x 190cm. T

Produced by M. Abdulkadir, who is in charge of education dormitories. The map shows access roads, railways, ports, forests, etc. Nice motif of Ataturk. No date but likely early 1920's.

Price: $600.00


Map, stone print, Military war, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania. Size: 105 x 110cm. T

Compiled in 1875 during the Balkan War, it contains work prepared in 1969 by the military officer of Erkan-ı harbiye and by the Austrian State Military Geography Society in 1869. The cloth-backed map comes with its original leather casing. It deals with Albania and Shkodra from a geographical and administrative point of view. 

Price: $3000.00

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Conflicto Anglo-Russo nell’ Afganistan. Milano Ant. Vallardi Editore. No date but clearly close to the 1879 conflict. Original cover intact. Some tearing at the top margin easily repaired. Complete. Size: 49x75cm. T

Price: $450.00



Group of 4 maps from the Regio Ufficio Fondiario (Royal Land Office), Technical Service, for Bengazi. These are charts of the constituencies in Bengazi. Scale ranging from 1:25,000 to 1:50,000. Done in 1927 and the manuscript signature of the Commander of Geography and his superior. Sizes: 71x94cm, 74x98cm, 76x99cm, 81x92cm. No folio numbers so I don’t know if it is complete. Repairs on reverse and some wear. Fascist motifs. T

Price: $1200.00

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mp315mp315jComplete set of 17 maps of Istanbul in Ottoman script. Map maker was Necip Bey, Istanbul Sehremaneti Harita Mudurlugu, pulblished in 1918. This has a french cover dated 1924. Unique in that included is the street guide. Also included is the rare summary map showing all Istanbul. All but one of the maps are from the 1924 series. One is not colored and part of the 1918 series. T SOLD

Price: $3500.00

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Early 20th century map showing the distribution of Alawis and Bektasi in Turkey. Besim Atalay. Size 50x70cm. T

Price: $1200.00

mp293mp293aTitle: Kafkasya Seyahat Haritası....." (Caucasian Travel Map) "...Karadeniz Sahili ve Dahili Kısmı" (Black Sea coast and inner parts). T

Publisher: Prepared by Moskof Cemiyyeti Azasından (member of Moscow Association) "INSIMOF"

Map engraved by "KRAŞOV". Printed at "Istanbul Askeri Matbaası"

Date: 1926

Size: 65x80cm

Condition: repaired

Price: $1100.00

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Schizzo Dimostrativo della Tripolitania Settentrionale in 7 Fogli. Governo della Tripolitania – UFF. Polit. Militare. Scale 1:400,000. 6 of the 7 maps are from 1916 and one is from 1915. Complete. Size :58 x 75, 49 x 67(2), 52 x 77(4). N 

Price: $1100.00

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Group of 6/7 maps plus supplement of Libya. Titled Carta Dimostrativa Della Cirenaica from the Governo Della Cirenaica – Servizio Studi. Scale is 1:400,000. One map is from the 1928 version, all others are the 1931 version. A near complete set of maps. Size : 60 x 70 each. T 

Price: $990.00

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