Cuba and Puerto Rico

t-cup022 Rare Album de la Revolucion Cubana, 1952-1959. Issued in Havana, early 1960’s. Editado por: Revista Cinegrafico, S.A. Director Tecnico y Administrador: Rene Jimenez. Coordinador: L. Dominguez Triay. Textos: J.M. Picart – Mario Jimenez. Advertising for Felices by Consuma Productos Cubanos. All 271 cards are present and pasted in. Due to the heavy weight, middle pages have separated but can be restapled. The album tells the story of the revolution. Very rare to find this album due to paper quality combined with weight of the 271 cards would have led to these albums falling apart many years ago. 

Price: $800.00

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Sticker Album of El Corsario Negro. Published in Havana

Price: $400.00

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Very rare Cuban chromo album on the Revolution titled Libertad o Muerte! Episodios de la Revolucion. All 325 chromos are present.

Price: $900.00

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Mexican comic book, 1959 titled Leyenda de America, El Latigo de Maracumbe. It is about slavery in Cuba.

Price: $100.00

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Complete booklet Album Expedecionaros Granma. Photo record of the crew of 82 men that landed on Los Coloradas Beach, Cuba on 2/12/1956. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Price: $350.00

fa053 Complete March 16, 1924 issue of La Tribuna Illustrata, featuring Battling Siki, a Senegalese boxer, in Havana, Cuba.

Price: $90.00

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Rare Cuban chromo album titled “La Guerra de los Mundos”. Produced in Guanabacoa in the late 1950’s. All 100 stickers are present. Album is complete, with normal ageing. N

Price: $500.00

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Early 20th century literary composition by C. Guma titled “Blanches y Negres. La Questio de Cuba:. Barcelona. 32 pages.

Price: $90.00

t-cup056 March 14, 1954 issue of La Domenica del Corriere, with the cover page showing the March 1 attack by Puerto Rican nationalist on the US House of Representatives. Lolita Lebron is shown holding the Puerto Rican flag. In reality Lebron did have a flag but did not manage to unfurl it.

Price: $90.00

t-cup055 CUBA ELECTION 1952 - Chibas PRESIDENT 

Price: $150.00