Cuba and Puerto Rico



Sticker Album of El Corsario Negro. Published in Havana

Price: $400.00

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Large file of the trial, condemnation and liberation of a slave named Secundino Rosales, in Matanzas in 1884.

Price: $450.00

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Complete dosier on the sentencing of a slave in 1884. 4 documents containing 12 pages.

Price: $450.00

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Complete documentation for the freeing of a slave, 1885. 4 documents containing 8 pages in all.

Price: $450.00

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A collection of 10 different slave documents from 1875-1884.

Price: $800.00

1. 1877 certificate for the death of a slave

2. 1884 document freeing from punishment a pardo named Juan Garcia Charel

3. 1875 document on the transfer of slaves

4. 1875 slave death certificate and request of inheritance, Matanzas. A 4 page document

5. 1884 application for the freedom of a slave named Juan Jose, Matanzas.

t-cup063bt-cup063c6. 1875 purchase and registration of a 16 year old slave, Limonar.

7. 1875 request for the replacement of a slave

8. 1884 document concerning the freeing of a slave named Juan Garcia

9. 1875 document unknown

10. 1881 register of movement of freedmen (slaves who became free) for the month of July in Matanzas. Provides a wealth of detail on the patron of the slave as well as the slave. There is information on 43 slaves and their patrons.

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Archive of 9 original Cuban slave documents concerning the freeing (and refusal) of a sexagenarian slave named Fernando who was owned by Dr. Rosario Cabrera. The documents all date from 1881 in Matanzas.

Price: $800.00

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Very rare Cuban chromo album on the Revolution titled Libertad o Muerte! Episodios de la Revolucion. All 325 chromos are present.

Price: $900.00

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Mexican comic book, 1959 titled Leyenda de America, El Latigo de Maracumbe. It is about slavery in Cuba.

Price: $100.00

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Complete booklet Album Expedecionaros Granma. Photo record of the crew of 82 men that landed on Los Coloradas Beach, Cuba on 2/12/1956. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Price: $350.00

fa053 Complete March 16, 1924 issue of La Tribuna Illustrata, featuring Battling Siki, a Senegalese boxer, in Havana, Cuba.

Price: $90.00