World War 1 & 2



Three World War 1 Italian POW related letters. One is a letter to an Italian POW in Manthausen, another is from a POW in Vienna to his family in Palermo and another from a POW in Wurtenburg. T

Price: $30.00



Set of four Italian World War 1 propaganda postcards. Artwork by Malus. T

Price: $100.00



Set of 9 World War 1 postcards issued in France. The allies are shown as butterflies while Germany and Austria are depicted as impaled blood thirsty beetles. T

Price: $150.00



3 East European World War 1 propaganda postcards. T

Price: $75.00



8 World War 1 propaganda postcards using children as the patriotic theme. T

Price: $160.00


German pro-Turkish postcard from World War 1. T

Price: $30.00



Italian patriotic postcard from 1912, note the fascist symbol, 7 years before the fascists took over the country. T

Price: $30.00


Collection of 9 postcards by famed artist Goyet of different types in Salonica during World War 1. In Greek, French and English. T

Price: $270.00


Collection of over 100 letters from Italian POW Erneto Dondini to his wife in Italy. He was a prisoner in India. While POW letters are not uncommon, India is less common and large collections all from the same POW are rarer still. N

Price: $2000.00



Set of 12 hand-painted cartoons of Black Shirts. Reverse is military issue stationary. N

Price: $600.00