World War 1 & 2

German anti-British propaganda booklet Hinter den Zigarren-Wolken. T

Price: $220.00

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Advertisement by ”EXTRA” shoe polish by Spanish producer El Calzado. Foldout on reverse showing World War 1 leaders. This includes both items on this theme. Size 7x10.5cm. Rare. T

Price: $700.00

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Complete issue of Le Cri de Paris , February 25, 1917, featuring President Wilson on the cover. T

Price: $40.00

English childrens book Swollen-Headed William. Text by E.V. Lucas and drawings by Geo. Morrow. Published in 1914, Third Edition. Cover is separating as spine hinge missing, otherwise complete. T

Price: $300.00

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1945 World War II, Jon'sTwo types in Italy, edited by British Army Newspapes Unit in Italy. British propaganda during the occupation of Italy, 71 pages. Size: 24 x 17cm.

Price: $350.00

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Spanish booklet of anti-British/Allied/semitc propaganda World War II. 14 pages Size: 15 x 21cm. Very rare

Price: $450.00

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"Bolshevism - Disappeared in 1940 in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the Baltics". 32 pages. Size: 10 x 13cm. RARE booklet describing the repression and atrocities by the Bolsheviks in these countries. No publisher is indicated and, possible German propaganda of the time.

Price: $450.00



9 British and Italian postcards female patriotic WW1.

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El Arte de la Mentira. A Spanish anti-Hitler book.

Price: $150.00



Set of 12 Spanish postcards satirizing World War I, anti-German. Rare.

Price: $600.00