Russia and Eastern Europe



3 East European World War 1 propaganda postcards. T

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Collection of 9 postcards by famed artist Goyet of different types in Salonica during World War 1. In Greek, French and English. T

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t-pca251 32 page book published by the Ukranian Central Information Service, Toronto, 1980, titled Thirty Years 1950-1980, The Martyrology of a Ukrainian Father and Son: Roman and Yuriy Shukhevych. N

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Official photo album of the Italian flag pole raising ceremony in the area of Canale d’Isonzo in 1938. This is a Slovenian border area that passed into Italian hands in 1921. What is interesting is to see Slovenians honoring Mussolini as well as the chance to see Italian fascism in the lives of villagers technically under subjugation shortly before World War 2. Shown are Villa Morsca, Verco, Murovizzi, Rastelli, Coprisca, Pieve di Leupa, Auzza, Bodres, Goregna, Aiba, Doblari, Villa di Mezzo and Ronzina. 79 photos in all. T SOLD

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Six postcards from the Allied landings in Vladivostok during the Russian Civil War. Rare. SOLD

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Collection of 25 photographic postcards of Albania during the Italian occupation. Shown are Vlona, Shkader, Tirana, Scutari. SOLD

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t-otba021t-otba021a Archive of letters over a ten year period from a fascist officer named Lorenzo Botta to his fiancé Fernanda. He was with the fascist militia in Albania. They lived in Verona before the war and in the mid-30’s he volunteered to join the army and received his training in Mantua. He was assigned to the Blackshirt 13th Gruppo Battalion. He was then transferred to Albania where he was an officer with the Milizia Fascista Albanese and was responsible for recruiting and training local Albanians to fight. His was planning to marry and was promised a home of his own but then things changed and he had to put his plans on hold. There was an extended period of inactivity, during which times his views on fascism began to change and he became increasingly disillusioned with the cause.t-otba021b In 1945 he returned to Italy, first to Bari and then to Naples. He was arrested because of his fascist background and spent time in a concentration camp, for which there are some correspondence in the archive. Each letter is numbered by Fernanda so it is easy to track the chronology of the correspondence. There are over 473 letters in all. It is a story of the love between a young man and his fiancé he could not marry, throughout the period before, during, and shortly after the war. N

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t-pca247 World War 1 German humor postcard “Schlammbad in Polen”. N

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t-pca246 Set of 8 large format humor postcards published in Prague in 1945. The theme is of the (short-lived) American occupation in Western Czechoslovakia. N

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t-pca245 Set of 6 postcards issued in the Czech language during World War 1 to 1935 in support of the Czech Legion. N

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