Manchukuo and Occupied China



Three postcards and original jacket of the anniversary of establishing a radio-telgraph station in Manchukuo.

Price: $90.00



Manchukuo Antique Postcard to buy governmnent bonds. Issued by the Japanese Post Office. Size : 9cm X 14cm

Price: $60.00



Set of 2 Manchukuo Japan Antique Postcards w/Envelope. In commemoration of the Japan-Manchukuo Postal Service Treaty. Issued on January 26, 1936. Size : 9cm X 14cm. Some dirt and small tears on envelope only.

Price: $110.00



1930's Japanese Postcards of South Manchuria Railway Co., Ltd. Complete set of 5 plus original cover. In english

Price: $200.00



Manchukuo Antique Postcard 1935 Manchuria Emperor Puyi National Flag. Size : 9cm X 14cm.

Price: $60.00



1942 Manchukuo 10th Anniversary Postcards.

Price: $90.00



Three propaganda postcards from Manchukuo. They read: A fruit shop at the roadside, Rare scene of a boy selling hot water, Scene of joyful farmers in the mellon field. N

Price: $90.00



1930's Japanese New Year Greeting Postcards Assort : Art of Friendship with Chinese Children, 6 postcards.

Price: $180.00



Rare original Chinese Nationalist medal awarded for fighting against Manchuko N.

Price: $100.00

t-cpc094 Complete 1932 issue of DIC, a Spanish Republican periodical featuring the Japanese invasion of China. N

Price: $60.00